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Direct Mail

Before Maggie Barlow and Kimberly Reynolds formed Maven Strategies, they spent decades overseeing direct mail operations for caucus organizations and the state Democratic Party.  
Maven Mail is tailored to meet the needs of our clients, whether candidate campaigns, caucus organizations, or independent expenditure operations. They follow each piece of mail from concept to the mailbox, making sure that it’s on message, on target, and on time. 

We believe that messages need to resonate with our target audience, but they must also reflect the messenger. We strive to understand the people and organizations we represent and ensure that their voice is recognizable in our communications. 

We work with a group of professional graphic designers with years of experience producing political communications. We believe mail needs to be interesting to be seen in the competitive market of political direct mail. We find concepts and art that will cut through the clutter, grabbing the attention of our audiences to forcefully deliver the message. 

As former caucus directors and party leaders, we know that details matter. We follow each piece of mail as it moves through the production process. We’ve built strong relationships with graphic designers, printers, mail houses, and the post office that will prevent mistakes, keep to schedules, and deliver our messages in a timely manner. 

Customer Service 
We are a boutique shop. We put a premium on our responsiveness to our clients. While we have a team to work with candidates and organizations, the principles are always just a phone call away. When the campaign is over, we want to have strong relationships with the people who hired us and make those relationships a priority.


1001 Wade Avenue  Suite 323

Raleigh, North Carolina 27605

Thank you for contacting Maven Strategies!

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